Driveways Lamberhurst

Driveways Lamberhurst

Ashdown Driveways Surfacing is a reliable and professional driveway surfacing company in Lamberhurst. Our family-run business has over five decades of experience and an outstanding regional reputation. You can trust our team to provide excellent surfacing services for your residential or commercial driveway.

Driveways require resurfacing to extend their lifespan and improve their aesthetics. All the existing stains, potholes, cracks, and other imperfections on the surface will be covered after we get done surfacing your driveway. Then you’ll be left with a clean, smooth-looking driveway with an attractive curbside appeal.

Driveway surfacing requires adding a new layer of material to your driveway surface. It is a thin layer consisting of resin, tarmac, blocks, hot tar & chips, concrete, or shingles. We can help you decide which surfacing material is best for your driveway based on its location and purpose.

Tarmac is the most popular surfacing material because it offers high durability and weather resistance. That is why the average commercial driveway uses tarmac surfacing because it is better suited in high-traffic and high-impact environments. However, if you care more about aesthetics, you could request the blocks or resin materials instead.

In addition, we can build a new driveway on your property by performing site clearance duties and laying out the groundwork before performing the surfacing job. Your new driveway will have a secure and solid foundation to ensure it stays viable and strong for a long time.

Call us at 01892 620651 or email us at [email protected] if you’d like more details on our driveway building and surfacing services in Lamberhurst. We can offer you a free price quote after we learn which driveway services are needed for your property.

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