Hot Tar and Chip Crowborough

Hot tar & chip

Give your driveway a bright, positive & colourful country feel without breaking the bank!

Hot tar and chip is a popular driveway surfacing option because it is gorgeous, durable, and affordable for property owners in Crowborough. You can use hot tar and chip to top an older driveway surface without excavating and removing it. That way, you’ll save even more time and money when resurfacing your driveway with this newer and better material.


Ashdown Driveways Surfacing is Crowborough’s leading hot tar and chip surfacing services provider. We have spent 50+ years freshening and improving the driveway services of residential and commercial property owners throughout the region. Our family-run business is a professional surfacing company with a reputation for excellence, quality, and skilled craftsmanship.


How It Works

Our driveway surfacing specialists will apply a base layer of gravel and hot tar over the older driveway surface. The hot tar is sprayed onto the surface until completely covered. After that, gravel aggregate chippings are spread over the tarred surface evenly. Then a roller device is used to roll the gravel chippings further into the tar to produce a flat, secured, and bonded surface.

Furthermore, our technicians use new innovative solutions to improve stone retention and prevent cracking on the surface. For example, emulsion binders and polymer-modified bitumen have been proven effective at increasing the longevity of tar and chip driveway surfaces for many more years. We are confident you’ll be happy with the results of our work.


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