Hard Landscaping

Hard Landscaping

Why should you consider hard landscaping?

When most people hear the word “landscape,” they typically picture a garden or some other type of greenery, but there is more to landscaping than just those things. Granite, bricks, patio and wooden features are examples of hard materials and substances that can be used to achieve a similar appearance. In order to produce a stunning combination, hard landscaping frequently involves the use of these materials combined with soft landscaping components.

How does it work?

Hard landscaping uses a number of design components to improve the look of your yard. It offers a seamless transition between the interior of your home and the yard, as well as between the yard and the surrounding landscape. Hardscape also provides an appealing contrast to the delicate and ephemeral greenery because of its hardness and stability.

What we offer?

Garden Brick Walls

Searching for the classic look that only brick walls can produce? You have this choice: a genuine, hand-made garden walling alternative that gives off a classy, distinguished appearance. Finding the ideal decorative wall bricks can give your garden, whether it is classic or modern, the finishing touch it needs.

Oak sleeper wall & edgings

Raised garden beds are the perfect place for sleepers. Using a drill and coach screws, assembling them is rather simple. Use sleepers as a classy, substantial lawn edging for walkways and dining spaces. Sleepers are used around lawns to give a neat, straight line that facilitates mowing.

Brick edgings

A major component of keeping your garden’s overall beauty is maintaining the fine brick edging around it. Without some sort of brick edging, a garden’s appearance can quickly go from spectacular to passable. You’d be astonished at what a tidy border around a garden can achieve, even though it may seem like a small touch.

Brick is less prone to being damaged by the elements, which is another advantage of utilizing it for edging.

Granite edgings

Today’s gardens primarily serve aesthetic purposes. Although they are useful for growing fruits and vegetables, in today’s world even vegetable gardens ought to be aesthetically pleasing. After all, a well-kept garden is a testament to a diligent gardener.

In landscaping, granite edging serves as a partition between surfaces made of various materials. To effectively keep various areas of a yard or garden apart from one another, use edging materials. There are many different kinds of edging goods available, but granite edging is frequently favored since it is both attractive and long-lasting as well as functional. 


By obstructing the delivery path between the pollution source and the receptor, drainage slows or stops the transfer of pollutants to watercourses. Before it leaves the field, run-off and sediment are captured, assisting in the management and maintenance of the supply of acceptable water quality.

Limiting the loss of nutrients, faecal microbes, contaminants, and soil. They may also temporarily stop the flow of water, which is another advantage. In the form of micro-wetlands, this can lessen localized floods and provide important aquatic habitats.

for your house or garden and will promote water flow downward to refuel aquifers.


Soak away

Soakaways are a well-known method of handling rainfall. They resemble a hole in the earth into which rainwater drainage is routed. They are more usually referred to as leaching fields,  and they are also occasionally used to dispose of the waste from septic tanks.

They play a significant role in the drainage systems for some driveways.

Typically, this is the case with roads on steep grades when surface water gushes in the direction of a house and cannot drain to bedding areas.Building a soakaway is a smart option if there are drainage issues that arise after rainfall.

Pathways & Patio installation

Your pathway’s appearance and atmosphere can be significantly altered by the materials you choose. You are guided through the outdoor space by pathways. Patios serve as the framework on which additional hardscaping components can be built. Depending on your budget, the style you desire for your space, and the materials you decide to use, these two crucial components of your landscape design might differ substantially.

In addition to serving certain functions, patios and paths can significantly improve the overall appearance of a garden design.

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